Treatments & Pricing

Consultation and Initial Treatment - £40
The initial session will last approximately 90 minutes and starts with a consultation, followed by an assessment of your dog and the first treatment. I will also take photos of your dog that will be used alongside other information gained from this and further sessions to monitor your dog's progress, as well as to create a personalised treatment and management plan for your dog.

Follow-Up Treatments - £35
Each follow up treatment lasts approximately 45-60 minutes and will include a discussion of any issues/improvements seen between sessions, photographing your dog, assessing your dog's condition and the Myotherapy treatment.

Maintenance Treatments - £35
In some cases, a single treatment every 4-6 weeks may be beneficial in the management of your dog's condition. They are also recommended if you notice your dog's condition is getting worse. Contacting me as soon as you notice deterioration may help reduce the need for several follow-up treatments.

Travel Costs
The first 30 miles of travel from Middleton on the Wolds are free. Thereafter, there will be a small per mileage fee, which will be discussed when booking your first appointment.

Distance Support - £125
This is an online support programme that is suitable for those located more than 50 miles away from Middleton on the Wolds or those who have extremely nervous dogs. Click here for more information.

Choice Led Treatment

Your Dog's Treatment

Respect & Empathy for Your Dog


Treatment Without Force or Restraint


Positive Experience for Your Dog


Effective Treatment

What To Expect

Before Treatment

  • Veterinary Consent - This is legally required to ensure massage is safe/appropriate for your dog.

  • Postural & Comfort Assessment - Using information and photos, I will make an assessment of your dog's condition for progress monitoring.

  • Treatment Terms & Legal Disclaimer - The treatment terms can be found here and you will be asked to sign a legal disclaimer before any treatment is carried out.

​​​During Treatment

  • Number of Treatments - In most cases, three to four treatments is enough to provide relief for your pet, after which we can discuss your options.

  • Time Frame Between Treatments - Usually there are 1-2 weeks between each treatment, but this will be discussed on an individual basis.

  • Treatment Area - A mat is used to create an area upon which your dog has to be for treatment to occur, this allows your dog to indicate their choice in the treatment.

  • Treatment Location - Treatments are carried out in a quiet/distraction free area of your home and where necessary away from other dogs and young children.

  • Your Presence - It is important that you remain present during the treatment to help keep your dog relaxed and focused on the treatment.

  • ​Feedback - At each session there will be a discussion of anything you or I have noticed as well as the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

  • Individual Treatment - Using information gained from the pre-treatment assessment and consultation, treatments and home management plans are devised specifically for your dog and are further adapted through the course of treatments if required.

After Treatment

  • Owner-Based Care - You will be shown techniques and exercises for use on your own dog.

  • Post-Treatment Management Plan - I will provide an individualised management plan containing information about the techniques and rehabilitative exercises that we will have discussed alongside suggestions for environmental and lifestyle adaptations.

  • Changes to Your Dog - For up to 48 hours after treatment certain behavioural and physical changes may occur as the body starts healing itself including being withdrawn, increased thirst and urination, sleeping longer and increased lameness.

  • Veterinary Report - After a full course of treatments I will provide your vet with a full written report on my findings.

Distance Support

This programme is suitable for those who live outside the treatment radius or for those whose dogs have extreme people phobias. It is designed to provide you with the necessary information and advice to enable you to treat your own dog. There are two programmes; Standard Support and Plus Support:

You will be required to complete and return a consultation form, including a Galen Comfort Scale© as well as provide a variety of photos and videos of your dog. This information will provide me with valuable background information and will be used to assess and monitor your dog’s condition.


Once this information is received, I will create and provide you with an individualised Assessment Report that will include:

  • A physical, postural and movement analysis, with explanations and pictorial diagrams that provide a clear insight into the evaluations

  • Information on implementation of Galen’s Positive P.A.C.T.® to provide your dog with choice in their treatment

  • Three massage techniques that are safe for you to use, with video instruction of their use

  • Environmental and lifestyle adaptations that will support the health and wellbeing of your dog

  • A 6 week Home Exercise Plan containing targeted exercises to improve functional movement

  • A maintenance programme that will help you continue to improve your dog’s musculoskeletal health

  • A further 3 week review

After 6 weeks you will receive a final assessment of your dog’s condition and be provided with further feedback.