Positive Dog Training

For effective training and to help you and your dog maintain a positive relationship I promote the use of positive reinforcement, giving your dog choices and using reward-based methods. This makes training an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog, which further improves the learning/training experience for your dog and can facilitate a better rate of learning.


What About Other Training Styles?

Punishment or fear-based training is unethical, ineffective and the fear created can reduce a dog’s ability to learn. For the purpose of general training, punishment and fear can lead to a stressed or anxious dog and the development of behavioural issues, which does not benefit anyone. Dogs who already display problematic behaviour do so because they have made negative associations. Therefore, continuing with negativity in a behavioural modification/training capacity is counter-productive to reducing problem behaviours, often causing distress, which can then lead to exacerbation of the behavioural problem, the occurrence of other behavioural problems or a dog that 'shuts down' and is unable to respond appropriately.

One to One General Training

General training gives you the basic skills and knowledge to train your dog and is ideal for first time puppy/dog owners or for those who want to teach their dog how to do more than a 'sit' and a 'paw'. General training is also a great way to bond with your dog and to keep them mentally stimulated.

What Will You and Your Dog Learn?

  • Diet & behaviour

  • How to deal with play biting

  • Getting their attention

  • Sit, down, stand & touch

  • Leave it, drop & take it

  • Waits & stays

  • Loose lead walking

  • Calm greetings

  • Emergency stop

  • Settle on bed

These sessions can also be tailored to your individual requirements. Contact me for more information.

Cost: £150 - 6 x 1 hour sessions (£30 per hour thereafter)

Location: 1-1 training takes place in your home.

Areas Covered: York and the majority of East Yorkshire (Pocklington, Market Weighton, Beverley, Driffield & Howden), including Malton and surrounding villages.

Benefits of 1-1 Training

I believe that one to one training is the most ideal way to effectively teach owners and their dogs. Often dog training classes of several dogs can become chaotic and loud, which may mean information is missed or sometimes the trainer's time is not divided equally between clients. Also, dogs learn at different rates and in a group situation, some dogs may become bored of a training exercise pretty quickly, whereas others may need longer to practice. One to one training enables dogs and owners to progress at their own pace, which increases the likelihood of a successful training.


One to one training takes place at your home, which I feel helps focus your dog on training. This is highly beneficial when first starting to train your dog or puppy as it removes the distraction, excitement, anxiety and stress of being somewhere new (or travelling to somewhere new). Having said that, distractions and new locations are important in training to strengthen the cues taught to a dog, so these new environments or distractions would be gradually built up during training.

Behavioural Modification Training

Behaviour modification is for dogs who are displaying specific behavioural problems, such as:

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Aggression

  • General Anxiety/Nervousness

  • Pulling on the Lead

  • Resource Guarding

  • Destructive Behaviours

If your dog is displaying other behaviours that you have issues with, please get in contact to discuss further.​

What to expect...

Consultation Session

  • Necessary for all new clients

  • A discussion about the problem behaviour(s), your dog's lifestyle, their environment & how to work with your dog

  • Training time to show you how to start working with & managing the dog's behavioural problem

Following Sessions

  • Continuing with individual specific training

  • A minimum of three sessions is recommended

  • A behavioural modification plan is provided after a minimum of three sessions (1 consultation & 2 training sessions)

Cost: Consultation (90mins) = £40, £30 per hour thereafter

Location: 1-1 training takes place in your home.

Areas Covered: York and the majority of East Yorkshire (Pocklington, Market Weighton, Beverley, Driffield & Howden), including Malton and surrounding villages.