Galen Myotherapy

Galen Myotherapy is a complementary therapy used to alleviate the discomfort associated with compensatory and chronic muscular changes that arise from various medical conditions and situations. Treatment is aimed at treating the whole dog, rather than focusing on the primary complaint and will involve treating areas of your dog that are not necessarily deemed to be the issue. For example, a dog with Hip Dysplasia will have pain in the region, but will also develop discomfort and compensatory issues in the front limbs due to changes in the way they walk and hold themselves. Therefore, treating the front limbs, as well as the neck, body and hind limbs would have a positive effect on the whole dog and their condition.

Treatment is mainly aimed at improving mobility and reducing pain or discomfort by stimulating the body's natural healing process. Myotherapy treatments can also be used to aid performance in sporting and working dogs by maintaining and enhancing musculoskeletal health. Myotherapy can also be useful in the assessment of your dog's condition, which can be helpful in situations of unknown causes of lameness.

Myotherapy is not a cure for any medical condition.

Myotherapy is a complementary therapy that should be used alongside veterinary advice and recommendations.

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What Does Myotherapy Involve?

Myotherapy uses a comprehensive approach to improve your dog's condition through:

  • Targeted Massage Techniques

    • Use of a variety of specialised massage techniques

    • The specific techniques used will be individual to each dog

  • Rehabilitative Exercises (where appropriate)

    • In treatment use of rehabilitative exercises that are suitable for your dog

    • Owner implementation of suitable rehabilitative exercises

  • Lifestyle and Environmental Adjustments

    • Suggestions will be made on an individual basis for adjustments that you can make that will be beneficial in the on-going management of your dog's condition

To achieve longer lasting results a treat, maintain and prevent approach is practiced:

  • Treat

    • Myotherapy Sessions - initial treatment of your dog to improve their musculoskeletal health

  • Maintain

    • Owner Based Care - use of provided safe & easy massage techniques alongside suitable rehabilitative exercises (where appropriate)

    • Myotherapy Sessions - follow up sessions to monitor & manage your dog's musculoskeletal health (if required)

  • Prevent

    • Owner Based Care - application of suggested lifestyle & environmental changes to help slow the deterioration of your dog's musculoskeletal health

Scottie dog receiving massage therapy
Rough collie dog performing rehabilitative exercise

Veterinary Consent

Under the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962, it is illegal for Myotherapy to be used without veterinary consent.
​Therefore, prior to treatment I will contact your vet directly to gain their written consent, which I will then provide evidence of to you. It is also possible that your vet may require a check-up appointment with your dog before consenting.

Pet Insurance

Myotherapy treatment may be fully or partly reimbursable through your pet insurance. It is recommended that you contact your provider for further information before treatment.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage techniques can have an influence throughout the whole body, therefore positive changes can occur physiologically and psychologically. The following are some of the key benefits of massage:

  • Alleviates Behavioural Issues - reduces pain perception & calms the nervous system, which allows for reduced stress, reactivity & anxiety.

  • Assists Recovery - stimulates the natural healing process & promotes appropriate tissue alignment.

  • Boosts Mood - releases endorphins & reduces pain, which can increase liveliness.

  • Eases Breathing - relaxes muscles around the lungs & removes phlegm, which opens airways.

  • Energizes Body & Mind - warms the body tissues & excites the nervous system.

  • Enhances Tissue Health - increases blood & lymph circulation, which provides cellular nutrition & removes toxins from cells.

  • Improves Skin/Coat Condition - physically removes dead skin cells & increases oil production.

  • Increases Mobility & Flexibility - reduces tightness in muscles, joints & fascia, which improves flexibility & allows for ease of movement.

  • Promotes Relaxation - increases release of endorphins, which calms the nervous system.

  • Realigns Scar Tissue - breaks down restrictive scar tissue & promotes appropriate alignment of the tissue fibres.

  • Reduces Pain - calms nerve endings & reduces pain signal intensity.

  • Relieves Muscular Issues - improves muscle condition & health that leads to reduced spasms, cramps, tension & fatigue.