Business Terms

Booking, Confirmation & Reminders
Appointments can be booked via email (, phone (07874977831) or in person. Verbally booked appointments will receive a text and email confirmation. A free text/email reminder 2 days prior to all appointments is provided.

In the event that you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment time without a genuine unforeseen reason are subject to a £15 cancellation fee.


Payments & Refund Policy
Payment is to be made in full prior to the treatment date via direct bank transfer (please advise me upon sending payment for confirmation of payment receipt) or by cash payment at the appointment before the treatment starts.

Full refunds for appointments cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will be sent via bank transfer. No refunds will be given for training that has already occured.


Before the Appointment
For general training, please ensure that your dog is well enough to partake in training and has not shown any signs of sickness, injury or illness 48 hours prior to the session. Please be aware that it is unfair to make an unwell dog undergo any form of training.

Please ensure you have enough treats for training purposes (generally you will need more treats than you think you do). It is also important to allow your dog to have had the opportunity to go to the toilet before training.


Right to Refuse Training
I (Amy Cameron) reserve the right to refuse training to your dog in situations where I feel uncomfortable in your home, for example if:


  • I am verbally or physically abused by you or any member of the household or if I feel threatened or unsafe in your house

  • Purposeful damage is done to my property by you or any other member of the household

I (Amy Cameron) also reserve the right to stop training at any time to safeguard the wellbeing of you, other people in the house, your dog or myself.

Health & Welfare Concerns
Disclosure of Health Concerns
It is your responsibility to inform me of any conditions/situations or other issues that may cause a welfare concern if training sessions occur before your dog’s appointment. If you are unsure whether your dog has any other issues that may cause a welfare concern, it is best to contact me for further advice.

Non-Disclosure of Contraindications
If I arrive for the appointment and your dog is displaying any contraindication and I am unable to provide the training session, the appointment will be charged at £20 plus any pre discussed travel costs.

Examples of Health & Welfare Concerns
The following list contains a few examples of conditions and situations that would make the training inappropriate/unacceptable:

  • After a Severe Accident

  • Broken Bones

  • Clinical Shock

  • Diarrhoea & Vomiting

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Fever

  • Infectious/Contagious Diseases (E.G. Kennel Cough)

  • Taking Certain Medication

  • New Undiagnosed Conditions/Pain

Personal Information
Required Information
It is your responsibility to provide me with correct/accurate information and to inform me of any change to the following:


  • Your dog’s health and behaviour

  • If your dog has ever bitten anyone or shown aggressive tendencies

  • Your contact information

Other Professionals & Secondary Opinion
In some cases I may require a second opinion from another professional, of which you will be informed of beforehand and given the opportunity to refuse disclosure of your dog's case. For the purpose of discussing your dog, I will only share their first name and any necessary information about their health, environment, lifestyle and behaviour to gain a second opinion.


The above information may also be shared with other canine professionals who are involved with the care of your dog if it is necessary to discuss your dog’s behaviour with them. However, this will only be done if you provide your written consent.

Data Protection
Green Dog Therapy treats all personal information and conversations confidentially and will never sell your personal data to any third party. Your personal data will also never be shared, except in cases of gaining veterinary consent, speaking to other professionals (with your permission) or where to comply with legal matters.

The information you provide will be kept on file for as long as necessary and will be destroyed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. You may request a copy of the personal information that I hold about you/your dog.

The information collected will be used for the purposes of Myotherapy treatment and to assist with the monitoring of your dog’s condition.

By providing your contact information, you agree that Amy Cameron may contact you in regards to anything that relates to Green Dog Therapy or your dog’s care. Where possible I will only contact you via your preferred method of contact, but it may be necessary to contact you in another way.